White Bream is a 100% privately owned small company. It has been founded on July 14th, 2000. Today 80%-90% of business activity focusses on developments for automotive computing (the so-called car computer).

The other 10-20% is on customer development projects, mostly for customers in The Netherlands and north-west Europe. Our dutch website handles about those business activities in more detail. Financial results from those activities are used for the funding of the computer project, so we can maintain financial independency.

After some smaller products and projects for automotive computing, such as the Mini-ITX car power supply, we have now moved on to a somewhat more sophisticated approach: The CARGO mobile computer system. This computer is among the smallest mobile computer systems and is aimed at various specific applications, each application having it's own dedicated connectivity set.


Henk Bliek
Director & owner


March 7, 2007