Custom developments

We like a challenge and welcome your requests for other technologies to be supported!

Additionally, we offer R&D services for full-custom devices to be connected to this network. Many examples of such nodes can be found in the Modular remote access & monitoring device for off-grid power systems project.

Future developments

We already have a couple of projects on the drawing board. Of course, these things take time, but if one of these could help fulfil your requirements, then please let us know...!

RS232 Bridge node

RS232 Serial port, accessible via TCP socket on the gateway device, or with protocol implementations for specific devices or machinery, either running on the node itself, or on the gateway device.

Inertial sensor node

Node with 3-axis sensors for accelleration, gyroscopes and magnetic field.

Vibration sensor node

Quite like the inertial sensor node, this device will contain an accelerometer device. Except this one is qualified for constant sensitivity across bandwidth. As such, it can be used to generate a vibration intensity spectrum.