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After years of fiddly car computer displays with resistive touch, low-resolution of 800x480 and terrible usability in bright environment, it is time for change. Here we present a new display that has 1024x600 resolution, capacitive multitouch, high brightness and a special direct sunlight mode. Still under development, so final appearance and specifications may change a bit.

Multitouch 7" display


The LCD panel combines epaper with color and video. With the backlight on, this screen is color and looks and acts just like a standard LCD; with the backlight off, it becomes a highly reflective e-paper display with support for rapid update and video.


Normally, the mini-HDMI is just that. Then a micro-USB connection is needed for the touchscreen and the back USB ports and a power connection to supply power for the electronics.

However, using a special cable (initially only for UNIGO), the mini-HDMI is altered to carry USB and power also. So only one connection is used on the screen! Perhaps we will have cables that convert the All-in-One HMDI connection to separate connections HDMI+USB+Power or VGA+USB+Power+Audio. That is not a true all-in-one, but it keeps the cables away from the screen.

Specifications (preliminary):

  • Viewing area 154x90mm (7" diagonal)
  • Resolution 1024x600 pixels
  • Colors 262144 (18-bit)
  • Brightness up to 430cd/m³ in standard backlit mode
  • Brightness 1000cd/m³ in monochrome reflective mode
  • Automatic brightness control and backlight switching
  • Contrast ratio 100
  • Response time 30msec
  • 10-point projected capactive multitouch
  • Stereo 2.8 watt speakers
  • Audio over HDMI support
  • Joystick OSD menu control
  • Two USB sockets on the back for Bluetooth, USB-drive, wireless keyboard, etc
  • Connection (standard): mini-HDMI, micro USB, power
  • Connection (all-in-one digital): mini-HMDI with TDMS video&audio, power, USB
  • Connection (all-in-one analog): mini-HDMI with VGA, audio, power, USB
  • Power 8-36VDC or 5V/1A via micro-USB (with audio amplifier disabled)
  • Power consumption ~10 watt
  • Size 178x114x17.5mm
  • VESA-B mounting holes (20x50mm pattern M4)
  • Tripod mount hole 1/4" with alignment hole
  • Hooks for easy tie-wrap fastening of the mini-HDMI cable in permanent installs
  • No branding on the bezel or case allows for best OEM experience


Under development

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