CAN-bus installations running at long distances and low speeds can use fairly long stub lines. This allows for a simpler wiring topology where the different nodes can be placed up to 5 meters away from the 'backbone'. Particularly on long distances, this is extra beneficial because the effective length of the CAN-bus can remain shorter, which saves on wiring cost and - more importantly - reduces voltage drops along the line.

To aid such install, we have this field bus distribution box, which allows for up to 12 cable segments to be joined together. This is done with 5-pole spring terminal connections. The connections are mounted in an IP67/NEMA4X rated polycarbonate enclosure with 12 M16 holes for cable glands. Integrated termination resistor and 2mm multimeter probe-points allow for easy configuration and diagnostic of the network wiring.

Fieldbus distribution box


  • 12x 3.81mm spring clamp terminal block
  • 1.3mm signal clearance & creepage
  • 2.0mm copper traces, 70μm thick
  • 120Ω termination resistor with 40mA fuse, fuse also acts as termination enable switch
  • 12 cable gland entries M16 or PG9
  • 161x81mm Polycarbonate enclosure 55mm high
  • Flange mounting, width 190mm


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