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Item: Description: Status: Price: Action:
67-403-900UNIGO Evaluation kit Celeron M 1.6MHz, 1GB, 40GB + 4USB I/O board + 7" VGA + WLAN + GSM/GPRS + cables + antennas + power breakout + adaptor + Win XP homeObsolete€ 1500 ex VAT
49-301-101Wireless LAN module with antennaObsolete€ 40 ex VAT
49-301-201Intel 6235AN Wireless LAN + Bluetooth module with antennaIn stock€ 40 ex VAT
80-841-200GSM/GPRS module with antennaIn stock€ 126 ex VAT
80-842-200UMTS/HSDPA module with antennaIn stock€ 254 ex VAT
28-300-070TFT 7"Spec. order€ 261 ex VAT
28-301-070TFT 7" TMR, 600cd/m²Spec. order€ 337 ex VAT
28-302-070TFT 7" TMR-AG, 600cd/m²Spec. order€ 438 ex VAT
28-300-070TFT 7"Spec. order€ 261 ex VAT
28-301-084TFT 8.4" TMR, 600cd/m²Spec. order€ 480 ex VAT
28-302-084TFT 8.4" TMR-AG, 600cd/m²Spec. order€ 522 ex VAT
28-300-102TFT 10.2"Not in stock€ 371 ex VAT
28-301-102TFT 10.2" with webcamNot in stock€ 378 ex VAT
12-101-003Standard GPS antenna 3mtr (included with system < v3.3)Obsolete€ 15 ex VAT
12-103-003Standard GPS+Glonass antenna 3mtr (included with system > v3.4)In stock€ 20 ex VAT
12-201-003Quadband GSM/UMTS antenna 3mtr (included with GSM modules)In stock€ 20 ex VAT
12-301-003Wifi window antenna 3mtr (included with WLAN modules)In stock€ 15 ex VAT
67-400-241AllInOne VGA cable 1½mtr (included with screens)In stock€ 25 ex VAT
67-400-243AllInOne VGA cable 3mtrIn stock€ 35 ex VAT
67-400-245AllInOne VGA cable 4½mtrIn stock€ 45 ex VAT
67-400-290AllInOne extension cable 3mtrIn stock€ 35 ex VAT
67-400-30115V adaptor 60WPreorder only€ 65 ex VAT
67-400-311ISO/DIN split power & antenna cable 1mtr (included with system)Obsolete€ 10 ex VAT
67-400-313ISO/DIN split power & antenna cable 3mtrObsolete€ 19 ex VAT
67-400-484Rear TV-out cableNot in stock€ 15 ex VAT
67-400-485Rear TV-out hub and cableObsolete€ 35 ex VAT
29-200-100Mini-USB A to A-female adapter cable 10cmIn stock€ 5 ex VAT
29-200-101Mini-USB A to mini-USB B cable 1mtrIn stock€ 5 ex VAT
29-200-102USB A to mini-USB B cable 1mtrIn stock€ 5 ex VAT
29-300-100Flush-mount USB extension cable 1mtrIn stock€ 25 ex VAT
25-100-100Windows XP Home (UK)Obsolete€ 75 ex VAT
25-100-200Windows XP Professional (UK)Obsolete€ 115 ex VAT
25-100-102Windows Vista Home (UK)Obsolete€ 90 ex VAT
25-100-202Windows Vista Professional (UK)Obsolete€ 130 ex VAT
25-100-104Windows 7 Home (UK)Obsolete€ 90 ex VAT
25-100-204Windows 7 Professional (UK)Obsolete€ 130 ex VAT
25-100-106Windows 8 Home (UK)Obsolete€ 90 ex VAT
25-100-206Windows 8 Professional (UK)Obsolete€ 130 ex VAT
11-201-921Mounting flanges for Unigo (silver)In stock€ 12 ex VAT
11-201-923Mounting flanges for Cargo (red)In stock€ 12 ex VAT
11-201-924Mounting flanges for Mergo (blue)In stock€ 12 ex VAT
13-202-018MicroFit 2-way pigtail cable 1.8mtrIn stock€ 10 ex VAT
13-204-018MicroFit 4-way pigtail cable 1.8mtrIn stock€ 10 ex VAT
69-105-100Infrared evaluation board with Renesas H8/300H and Xilinx 9536Obsolete€ 99 ex VAT
69-105-110Infrared evaluation board with Renesas H8/300H, Xilinx 9536 and LCDObsolete€ 109 ex VAT
69-106-010SMD Prototyping board 10 pcsObsolete€ 20 ex VAT
69-106-025SMD Prototyping board 25 pcsObsolete€ 40 ex VAT
69-107-100LVTTL RS232 Interface boardIn stock€ 33 ex VAT
69-107-901Extra cable set for E107In stock€ 5 ex VAT
69-311-11250 Watt DC/DC power supply for MiniITX systemsObsolete€ 72 ex VAT
69-311-90150mm System fanObsolete€ 12 ex VAT
73-121-100Infrared SIR Endec - royalty free source licenseIn stock€ 100 ex VAT
73-122-100Programmable IrDA SIR Endec - royalty free source licenseIn stock€ 200 ex VAT
69-105-100Infrared evaluation board with Renesas H8/300H and Xilinx 9536Obsolete€ 99 ex VAT
80-523-100Automotive USB hub, fixed cable, HR socketsPreorder only€ 85 ex VAT
80-851-100XBee® mini PCIexpress module & antennaIn stock€ 75 ex VAT
80-851-110XBee® Pro SX mini PCIexpress module & SMA pigtailSpec. order€ 160 ex VAT
80-851-201XBee® mini PCIexpress module & antenna and one Digi XBIB-U-SS evaluation module with XBP24CZ7PISIn stock€ 150 ex VAT
80-921-202IO Module kit fixed USB cable 70cmIn stock€ 110 ex VAT
80-921-800IO Module kit development kitObsolete€ 229 ex VAT
83-131-110Infrared secondary station protocol stack source licenseIn stock€ 1500 ex VAT


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