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The Nano-Clip, with a 0.3mm pitch, has the best pricing for micro tolerance applications. Its thin wall, streamline design allows multiple test clips to be packed side-by-side or stacked for small footprint applications. The Nano-Clip's gold-plated hook maintains a constant contact. The barrel extension is fluorine resin coated to maintain electrical isolation even in the tightest conditions. And don't worry about those hard to reach places. This barrel will continue to function even with a radius bend. The Nano-Clip is the newest in a line of test clips which includes the Micro-Clip (1.27mm pitch) and the Mini-Clip (2.54mm pitch) and is available with hot line and ground lead connections.

Nano-Clip dimensions

Kit contents:
Nanoclips red & black
 Nano-Clip red
 Nano-Clip black

Oscilloscope probe bulkhead
    Scope bulkhead
Red & black jumperwires
 Jumper red
 Jumper black

Oscilloscope ground lead
 Ground lead

Red & black extensionwires
 Extension red
 Extension black

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