keychain iButtons

1-Wire is a simple protocol for identification tags. The single wire provides power to the ID device and carries the data. Quite a few different devices are available for this bus, but for identification purposes, the simple DS1990A iButton with a factory programmed unique identification code is most interesting.

For more information on this protocol and the i-Button devices, please visit "What Is an iButton Device?".


When the UNIGO system is shutdown, the power control & I/O processor continues to operate in the background. When it detects the presence of a 1-Wire button, it will start the boot process of the PC. Depending on configuration, it can wake the PC for just any device detected, or only for a select few of preconfigured ID's.


After the system got woken by a 1-Wire device, the decoded ID is temporarily stored in the system controller. After OS and applications have loaded, this identification can be retrieved for further authentication or registration purposes. Of course, identification events while the system is on can be retrieved as well.

Remote button:

The 1-Wire port can also be used for a simple remote mounted power button + power LED.


1-Wire options are special order items because they need a modified keypad in the PC and a different front panel. Availability is limited to project orders.

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