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In order to use a turntable you need a RIAA correction amplifier. This device is disappearing from many amplifiers. This preamplifier provides the required add-on. Also for audiophiles and tube-lovers it provides a worthy substitute for the standard integrated phono amplifier stages.

The ampifier is suitable for high-impedance moving magnet (MM/MD) elements.

The schematics are available for download so DIYers can build the amplifier themselves. The PCB, case and complete component kits can be purchased. Also complete manually assembled amplifiers are available for those 'affraid' of soldering. These prebuild units are build environment friendly with generic lead-free solder for the support electronics and with lead-free silver solder for the audio section.

The expected retail prices are:    (in Euros and incl. VAT, excl. S&H)
    Bare PCB:     € 30.-
    Complete kit:     € 280.-
    Prebuild:     € 330.-

Development on this system has been stopped.
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