At White Bream we design and manufacture industrial control electronics for various 'Internet of Things' style of applications based on CANopen® communication protocols.

White Bream is a privately owned small company. It has been founded on July 14th, 2000. As of June 2018, it is operated out of a business unit on industrial park 'De Bosschen' in Oud-Beijerland.

In addition to standard products, we do customer development projects, mostly for customers in The Netherlands and north-west Europe. Some of which are based on our standard technology, others completely unrelated. Our dutch website handles about those business activities in more detail.

Before the current line of industrial control products, we ventured for a while with some smaller products and projects for automotive computing, such as the Mini-ITX car power supply. That was followed by a somewhat more sophisticated approach: The UNIGO Mobile computer for logistic systems mobile computer system. That computer is among the smallest mobile computer systems and is aimed at various specific applications, each application having it's own dedicated connectivity set. After some years of reasonable success, we saw the rise of low-cost Android based mobile computing. This resulted in the Intel-based PC solutions becoming less and less attractive. In addition the very short life-cycle of PC products were too costly & demanding for a small business like White Bream.

With the CAN•net product line of CANopen® compatible products, we intend to get a slightly more comfortable development cycle which gives more opportunities for pursuing new products rather than chasing the volatility of the personal computer market.


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Henk Bliek
Director & owner

June 1, 2018

Member of CAN in Automation CANopen

Former member of IrDA IrDA