Measure temperature & humidity from up to 2×128 locations distributed in a range of 10m away from two central trunk lines, with each trunk having a maximum length of 2×5km. A gateway device receives the measurement data and stores this on local storage or send them to a remote server. In addition, actual measurement values are presented via it's build-in webserver.

Because the sensors are hardwired, there is no concern with regard to wireless performances, nor maintenance issues with replacing lots of batteries.


Observe humidity and temperature behaviour inside HVAC ducts in order to spot leakages of hot & cold supply lines, particularly the small leakages that are difficult to diagnose. Such leakages will result in localized increased humidity inside the duct, and therefore be spotted with this sensor system.

Ambient monitoring system

Sensor specifications:

  • Measure humidity 0-100%RH with ±3% accuracy
  • Measure temperature -30 to +100°C with ±0.3% accuracy
  • 10kbps CANopen® data trunk
  • Bus powered 6-38VDC, power <100mW
  • 'Breathing' enclosure 59x26x12mm
  • Fitted with 10m RJ10 cable for CAN & power

Gateway specifications:

  • Network via 10/100Mbps Ethernet or WiFi
  • Networking services via HTTP, FTP, JSON, Telnet
  • 16MB SPI flashdisk
  • Micro-SD card socket
  • Power supply typically 24VDC or 36VDC
  • 2× CAN-bus trunk connection via pluggable screw terminals
  • 8× RJ10 sensor connection
  • Enclosure 15x10x3cm, optionally with mounting flanges


Each sensor has 10 meter RJ10 cable attached. These connect to the gateway or to trunk junction boxes, each of which provide eight RJ10 connections and screw terminals for the trunk cable.


The gateway accepts power from 10V to 38VDC. With large number of sensors or very large lengths of cabling, input voltage should be close to the maximum to account for voltage losses in the cabling. Power requirement depends on the number of sensors connected to the bus and ranges from ~2W for 8 sensors to ~22W for 256 sensors. Long cabling increases power consumption due to resistive losses in the wires.


No wireless connections or interference

No wireless connections
or interference

No battery maintenance or replacements

No battery maintenance
or replacements

No mandatory dependency on any cloud services

No (mandatory) dependency
on any cloud services


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