White Bream produced PC systems for automotive and industrial applications. These computers were build around industrial hardware modules such as ETX, XTX and Q-Seven. Most of the "car-computer" specifics, such as power supplies and GPS, are implemented on our proprietary mainboards. Such low-level integration allows for a very compact form-factor.

UNIGO mobile computer
Compact automotive PC system for fleet management and law enforcement.
CARGO mobile computer
Compact automotive PC system for in-car entertainment, navigation and more.
MERGO mobile computer
Compact PC system for marine applications.

Further back in history, we paved the way for the car computer products with the designs of various power supply modules for such systems. And there were a variety of side projects and ideas:

Mini-ITX Car power supply
Small power supply for Mini-ITX based car computer systems. (our first commercial product)
Mini-ITX Automotive supply
Mini-ITX power supply with increased efficiency and serial interface.
Nano-ITX Power supply
Miniature power supply for Nano-ITX mainboards.
Pico-ITX Power supply
Automotive power supply for the Via Nano-ITX mainboard.
CARGO applications
Our take at implementing a complete frontend for car computer applications.
USB Touchscreen controller
USB interface for resistive touchscreens.
Dead-reckoning GPS receiver
GPS receiver with dead-reckoning sensors.
Automotive AM/FM tuner for car computers.
active monitor system
Small magnetic shielded speaker system for monitoring and multimedia purposes with buildin active filters and digital amplifiers.
digital audio interface
General purpose digital audio input and output for the USB.
USB to minidisc interface
Minidisc interface provides a digital output and remote control via the USB.
MD amplifier
Tube preamplifier for turntables equipped with moving magnet elements.
digital analog converter
Standalone DA converter for compact disk players with S/PDIF input.
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