Some projects call for some remote accessible functionality, but not simple enough to use standard products and neither with sufficient quantity to justify custom developments. For those situations, we developed this Arduino-compatible node. This node allows for a reasonable amount of 'smart' to be connected to the network, and can be programmed mostly like a regular Arduino.


  • Stream UART via CAN and TCP socket
  • Arduino SPI/bootloader programming via CAN-bus & gateway
  • Sketch assignment and programming via gateway device based on node-ID
  • Up to 10 node variables accessible via SPI peripheral
  • Interrupt signal for incoming CAN data
Arduino CAN-bus node

Hardware Specifications

  • Atmel AtMega328, Arduino-compatible microcontroller
  • STM32F103 running the CAN-bus functionality
  • Indicators for heartbeat and CAN activity, Atmel power & reset, D13
  • Rotary DIP switch for 16 CAN-bus ID's
  • 5V 300mA PSU for Atmel section
  • 3.3V 300mA PSU for network, tbd mA available for shield
  • Power input 16-38VDC, max 160mA (down to 6V at reduced power consumption)
  • 4-wire CAN-bus & power input via 3.81mm terminal block or 5-pin JST XH header



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