Custom developments

In addition to the standard products, White Bream can also provide customized solutions. For example to include specific peripherals, or provide solutions to connect with 3th-party hardware. A device like the USB I/O Module originated from a customer request to interface with the mechatronic systems of a municipal garbage collection vehicle. As a matter of fact, the product offering for our sensor solutions was initiated by a CAN-bus centric customer project.

We like a challenge and welcome your requests for other technologies to be supported!

Additionally, we offer R&D services for full-custom devices to be connected to the CAN network. We can work with 'raw' CAN, but we also have our own CANopen device stack available. Many examples of such devices can be found in the "modular remote access & monitoring device for off-grid power systems" project.

Future developments

We already have a couple of CANopen devices on the drawing board. Of course, these things take time, but if one of these could help fullfil your requirements, then please let us know...!

Inclination sensor module

Node with 3-axis inclination sensor and gyroscope based acceleration compensation. Interface to be compatible with CiA 410, "device profile for inclinometer".

Generic I/O module

Interface module similar to the USB-based UNICON interface.

DC Power distribution

4- And 8-channel 24V DC power distribution block with electronic circuit breaker functions, remote/manual power switching capabilities and voltage & current monitoring.

Pulse counter

Interface to measure RPM values from photo-interruptors and proximity switches and present these values via CiA 406, "device profile for encoders".

Display module

CANopen modules with 8-character dot-matrix display with small LCD or based on Etulipa’s king-sized 7x11cm electro-wetting technology.

Intrinsic Safety isolator

FISCO power supply with integrated isolated CAN-bus bridge. This device isolates an CAN-bus to an intrinsically safe 'ic' segment. The device also functions as a CANopen field device with power monitoring capabilities for the ic segment.