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Our RS232 serial port node allows you to connect to control & service ports of your machinery. Superb isolation meets requirements of intrinsic safety level 'ia' or provides generic industrial isolation no less than 15kV, thanks to the solid 1.5mm thick FR4 isolation barrier.

CAN to RS232 bridge block diagram


  • Logging to micro-SD card on gateway
  • Direct remote access using serial over TCP/IP and virtual COM-port service
  • Bus ID assigned via serial number
  • Configuration & firmware update via gateway
  • Possibility for custom firmware with specific protocol implementation
RS232 Interface node


  • 8-wire RS232 serial port
  • Serial port galvanically isolated from CAN-bus, 500V 'ia'-class isolation
  • Operating voltage 9-38VDC, <1W
  • 10-Way 3.5mm screw terminal connection for RS232
  • 5-Pin spring-contact termination for CAN, power and shield
  • Ground and shield and 'hazardous-GND' individually terminated to earth via 1nF class Y1 safety capacitors
  • Aluminium IP67 enclosure 64x58mm, height 35mm
  • Integrated mounting flanges (94mm wide), optionally without flanges
  • Two M16 brass cable gland entries in sides
  • Optional with 5-pole & 8-pole industrial M12 plug connections

Agentschap NL
Realised with aid of the Dutch innovation programme WBSO



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