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Some nodes have a serial port oriented 'main' interface, for example the Arduino sandbox node and the RS232 to CAN bridge obviously. Typically, those will be handled by the automatic processing functions that the system offers. However, sometimes or for some applications, it might be desirable to access those ports as if they were connected to your computer.

This can be done using the 'comm-server' serial to TCP streaming. This streams serial data from the node over the CAN-bus to the gateway, and from the gateway to a designated TCP/IP socket. The latter can be either in client mode or in server mode.


  • Map one or more CAN.net devices to TCP sockets to allow remote serial data streaming

We do not (yet) offer a virtual COM service for the remote side of the connection. So for time being, we recommend to use third party solutions. For example "HW Virtual Serial Driver" by HW group:
HW Virtual Serial Driver software

Supported devices