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This device provides an isolated repeater function between two CAN-bus segments. The primary segment also provides power for the device.

CAN-bus repeater & isolator OEM


  • Two-way CAN-bus repeater up to 1Mbps
  • Protocol independent; works with any CAN-based protocol including CANopen and J1939
  • Powered from primary side DC input
  • Secondary side powered by integrated DC/DC converter
  • Switchable termination resistors


  • Propagation delay 100ns, equivalent to ~20m of cable length
  • 120Ω current-limited switchable termination on both segments
  • Optional ~600Ω terminations to enforce valid bus signals if segment disconnected
  • Bus powered 12-48VDC, power <1W
  • Allowed isolation voltage up to 500Vrms
  • 6-Pin spring-contact terminations for CAN-bus, ground, power, shield and earth
  • Grounds and shields individually terminated to earth via 1nF Y1 capacitors
  • 6kV Surge rated; 1.2/50µs 2Ω on DC-input and across isolation, 12Ω to earth, 10/700µs 25Ω on CAN-bus
  • Voltage across isolation barrier clamped with 1.2kVdc/6.5kA varistor
  • Conformally coated circuit board 67mm × 64mm, 4mm oblong mounting holes pitch 56-60mm
  • Available with various enclosures; polycarbonate, aluminium or antistatic polyester
  • ATEX intrinsic safety 'ic' (IEC 60079-11) and increased safety 'nA' (IEC 60079-15)



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