This device provides a repeater function between three CAN-bus segments. The first one connects via a DIN-rail mounted T-bus or via an ordinary 5-way terminal block and provides power for the logic core and the second segment. The optional second segment connects via fibre-optical cable with ST connections. The third segment is a normal 'copper' CAN-bus with ATEX intrinsic safe isolation and safety parameters. This allows for installing interfaces and sensors inside 'Zone 2 or zone 22' potentially explosive environments.

DIN-mount CAN-bus repeater & intrinsic safe isolator


  • Two- or three-way CAN-bus repeater
  • Bus connection for main power + CAN-bus up to 1Mbps
  • Intrinsic safe CAN-bus connection (needs power from the hazardous side)
  • Optional fibre-optic CAN-bus link


  • Voltage range 12-36VDC
  • Instrinsic safety isolation ≥ 0.5mm
  • Allowed isolation voltage up to 1kVrms/1414Vpeak (non-ATEX)
  • Bus powered Um 6-36VDC, power <100mW
  • 5-Way 3.5mm pluggable screw terminal connections for safe side
  • Optional 820nm 'ST' fibre-optic multimode coupling to other repeater device
  • Propagation delay 100ns, equivalent to ~20m of cable length
  • DIN-rail enclosure 101x80, width 17.5mm
  • CAN-bus connection via DIN-rail mounted T-Bus connector or via 5-way 3.81mm terminal block
  • Mating terminal blocks included, including the T-Bus contact block
  • ATEX intrinsic safety 'ic' (IEC 60079-11) and increased safety 'nA' (IEC 60079-15)

IEC 60079-11 and 60079-25 compatibility

Note that the intrinsic safe circuits require a separation of ≥ 50mm from 'normal' circuits. Separation to other IS circuits only requires 6mm. So multiple devices can be installed next to each other, but when installed next to other devices, a suitably solid isolation plate or earthed metal plate must be installed between the connection areas. For more details, contact us or refer to IEC 60079-11.


Made in Holland


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