Monitor 6 digital PLC-style input signals from switches or sensors and transmit the values over a CAN-bus, either periodically, on changes or both.


  • Handle six 'Type 3' digital input signals from switches, NPN & PNP detectors and sensors
  • CANopen® fieldbus, generic I/O module profile CiA 401
  • Configuration via CANopen, control panel or using PC application via micro-USB port
  • Possibility for custom firmware with specific signal processing functions
6-channel Type3 Digital input module


  • 6× protected & isolated type-3 digital input, continuous up to 48VDC or 34VAC, 250V overvoltage protection, 4kV surge rating
  • OLED display shows status, CAN-bus configuration and SDO editing
  • CANopen® device profile for generic I/O modules (CiA 401)
  • Supports LSS node-ID assignment and Fastscan (CiA 305)
  • Supports automatic bit-rate detection between 10kbps and 1Mbps (CiA 801)
  • CAN-FD 'Ready' (no active support for FD datarates yet, but tolerates FD traffic on bus)
  • Up-to-date EDS file generated by and downloadable from the device
  • Supports power management & monitoring features (CiA 302-9 + custom for monitoring of bus voltage, input current, CPU voltage and CPU temperature)
  • Bus powered, operating voltage 10-30VDC, <1W *
  • 2-Pin 3.81mm terminal blocks for digital input signals
  • DIN-rail enclosure 101x80, width 17.5mm
  • T-Bus CAN-bus connection // 5-pin 3.81mm terminal block
  • Micro-USB control & bus-powered capability
  • Mating terminal blocks included, including the T-Bus contact block
  • ATEX increased safety 'ec' (IEC 60079-7)

Plug & Play configuration

Plug&play operation

Out of the box, the device is configured as self-starting to switch to OPERATIONAL state autonomously. The node-ID is programmed to 50 and one TPDO is configured to transmit inputs changes. This means the device can be used out-of-the-box by listening for 1 byte from 'raw' CAN-ID 0x1B2. This byte contains the 6 bits relating to the current state of the respective inputs. (Raw meaning without any CANopen stack or functionality on the receiving end.)

  • Automatic switch to NMT state OPERATIONAL
  • TPDO1 (CAN-ID 0x180+$NODEID) sends 1 bytes with 6 inputs assigned to the 6LSB



Made in Holland


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