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An acceleration compensated inclination sensor allows for measuring pitch & roll under dynamic conditions where the part is subject to accelerations other than the constant gravity vector of the earth.

This compensation is performed by determining the deviations from earth's gravity vector. Measurement data from the gyroscope sensors gives a clue regarding the nature of such deviations, for example centrifugal force or just linear acceleration.


CANopen inclination sensor
  • Two-axis inclination ±180°
  • Three-axis sensors allow for arbitrary mounting orientation
  • Various filtering options
  • CANopen® fieldbus, inclination measurmenet device profile CiA 410
  • Possibility for branding or custom firmware with specific behaviour

Network functions (via a CANopen gateway/master)

  • Stream data via JSON
  • View data directly via HTML, no cloud needed
  • Logging to micro-SD card
  • Bus ID assigned via serial number
  • Configuration & firmware update


  • Tri-axial 14-bit acceleration sensor +
  • Tri-axial 14-bit gyroscope sensor for gravity compensation
  • CANopen® device profile for inclinometer (CiA 410)
  • Supports LSS node ID assignment and Fastscan (CiA 305)
  • Supports automatic bitrate detection between 10kbps and 1Mbps (CiA 801)
  • Supports power management & monitoring features (CiA 302-9 + custom)
  • Bus powered 6-38VDC, power <1W
  • 5-Pin spring-contact termination for CAN, power and shield
  • Ground and shield individually terminated to enclosure/earth via 1nF class Y1 safety capacitors
  • Aluminium IP67 enclosure 64x58mm, height 35mm
  • Integrated mounting flanges (94mm wide), optionally without flanges
  • M16 brass cable gland entry in side
  • Optional with 5-pole industrial M12 plug connection
  • ATEX (IEC 60079) 'ic', 'mc' & 'tc'




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