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      Universal digital output (Optojack and coaxial with converter),
      Remote control Minidisc recorder and other A/V equipment,
      Output compatible with AC3,
      USB interface for easy connection,
      Winamp plugin for simple Minidisc titling,

Users of portable Minidisc recorders can use this interface to copy songs from the PC to the recorder without trouble. With the supplied Winamp plugin the song titles are copied to the minidisc recorder without user intervention.
The interface uses the standard USB audio class so that it can be used with any operating system that supports USB audio. The remote control features are only available on the Windows platform in conjunction with Winamp.

D484 prototype board
The expected retail price is about 50 euros.
*) The Minidisk remote control works only with Sony minidisc recorders
Development on this system has been stopped.
This information is purely informative.