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CAN-bus installations running at long distances and low speeds can use fairly long stub lines. This allows for a simpler wiring topology where the different nodes can be placed up to 5 meters away from the 'backbone'. Particularly on long distances, this is extra beneficial because the effective length of the CAN-bus can remain shorter, which saves on wiring cost and - more importantly - reduces voltage drops along the line.

To aid such install, we have this field bus distribution box, which allows for up to 6 or 12 cable segments to be joined together. This is done with 5-pole spring terminal connections. The connections are mounted in an IP67/NEMA4X rated polycarbonate enclosure with M16 holes for cable glands. Integrated termination resistor and 2mm multimeter probe-points allow for easy configuration and diagnostic of the network wiring.

6-Way fieldbus distribution box


  • 8× M12 5-pin code A, all wired in parallel:
  • 1× M12 5-pin code A male (as input)
  • 7× M12 5-pin code A female
  • Vmax ...V, Imax ...A
  • 115x65mm Aluminium enclosure 55mm high
  • Flange mounting, width 145mm
  • ATEX II 3GD increased safety 'ec' (IEC 60079-7), type of protection 'nA' (IEC 60079-15) and dust enclosure 'tc' (IEC 60079-31)



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