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Many car computer projects are accompanied by voltage inverters to power the computer system. That approach has some disadvantages: It has low efficiency, is costly, introduces often distortion because of different grounds, involves a safety risk with 115 or 230 Vac on board and uses quite some space too.

This power supply overcomes these problems: There is only one conversion so efficiency is higher, it is cheap, it uses one common ground plane, it converts 12V nominal directly to the needed voltages, and it is compact. The power ratings of the supply are determined based on the Mini-ITX specification, a small form factor motherboard style that is introduced by Via with the Epia series of mainboards. This formfactor is very suitable for in-car use.

One example project that this power supply is used for is the CarPC project.

      Input: 10(8) - 22V DC,
         3.3V / 5A,
         5V / 7A,
         12V / 1A,
         5V / 1.5A Standby,
      Dimensions (hwd): 15x40x92mm,
      Self recovering fuses on input,
      Auto powerswitch circuitry,
      Power good monitor,
      Temperature: 0 to +50°C.
            (with fan cooling)

- combined power on 3.3V & 5V not to exceed 7A.
- dimensions excluding connectors
Mini-ITX PSU prototype
Auto powerswitch:
      Automatic PC start 1/4 second after ignition,
      Automatic shutdown after 15 seconds or 15 minutes,
      Shutdown delay extendible by 15, 30 minutes (up to 12 hours),
      Battery low shutdown,
      Optional 3-minute powerdown watchdog,

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69-311-11250 Watt DC/DC power supply for MiniITX systemsObsoleten/a
69-311-90150mm System fanObsoleten/a

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