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Preliminary specifications for a new, improved car power supply:

      Mini-ITX power specification,
      Input 8 - 20V DC,
      Automotive design (Directive 95/54/EC),
      Output power 90(120)W,
      Efficiency 90 to 95%,
         3.3V / 6(8)A,
         5.0V / 6(8)A,
         12V / 3(4)A,
         5V / 1(1.5)A Standby,
         -5.0V / 100mA (optional),
         -12V / 100mA (optional),
      Dimensions: (h w d) 12x40x90mm,
      Automotive blade fuse with crowbar,
      Automatic start & shutdown circuitry,
      SMBus interface for monitoring & control,
      Power good protection,
      Temperature -25 to +85 degrees.

nominal(peak) currents & power
*) specifications subject to change

Project cancelled. Please check these related projects for alternatives:
   E311 Mini-ITX Car power supply
   E313 Nano-ITX Power supply