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With the Pico-ITX boards, Via has launched a new form factor for compact computer boards. This new form factor creates a new challenge for system builders. Not at the least because most auxillary devices don't scale down equally.

This device takes care of one of these devices; the power supply. Measuring only 72mm x 32mm, this PSU is only one third of the size of the Pico-ITX mainboard. The ultra low profile of 8mm helps mounting it is places previously impossible.

This power supply also helps to solve the power supply problem in mobile computing applications. It can handle average car, boat and truck hazards, while powering the Pico-ITX system and protects this very system from the real serious automotive electrical hazards that could have destructed the system otherwise.

      Pico-ITX power specification,
      Input 9 - 33V DC nominal,
      Input 6 - 36V DC 1 minute,
      Input 50V DC max, power off,
      Output power 50W,
      Outputs ratings:
         3.3V / 6A,
         5.0V / 6A,
         12V / 0.25A,
         5V / 0.4A Standby,
      Output connection options:
         JST 12-pin (Pico-ITX),
         MicroFit 12-pin (Nano-ITX),
         MiniFit 20-pin (Mini-ITX, ATX),
      Dimensions: 32x72x8mm,
      Automatic start & shutdown circuitry (shutdowncontroller),
      2-Color status indicator LED,
      Serial interface for remote monitoring & configuration,
      Power good protection,
      Temperature -10 to +60 degrees.

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PicoITX power supply

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