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This module integrates the Raspberry Pi 3 with a rugged power supply, various real-world inputs and outputs and a shutdown + watchdog circuit. All ready to use in a DIN-rail mounted enclosure with convenient T-Bus connection.

A unique property of this device is the low-profile form factor with the RJ45 connections branching out to the sides of the enclosure, rather than from the front panel.

DIN-rail Raspberry Pi


  • 5× 10/100 mbit ethernet port with class 4 PoE+ PSE
  • 12-36V power supply for logic
  • 20-30V 150W power supply for PoE
  • Active 'eFuse' + 10A traditional backup fuse
  • Bi-color front-panel LED indicators for power and port activity
  • 4-way 3.81mm spring terminals block for redundant power
  • DIN rail enclosure 101x80, width 22.5mm
  • T-Bus power connection (DIN socket connector included)
  • ATEX intrinsic safety 'ic' (IEC 60079-11) and increased safety 'nA' (IEC 60079-15)


Power input is diode OR'ed from the T-bus connection and two regular power input terminal contacts. That power is then converted to power the logical parts pf the switch. Power for the PoE source is taken from the side terminals because of T-bus current limitations.



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