GPS Satellites

All systems come with a build-in GNSS receiver. With a system intended for vehicle use, we believe this must be a standard feature. As of 2013, the GNSS that is used in the car computer features mixed mode GPS and Glonass reception. This enables increased ability of aquiring and maintaining a position fix in difficult areas.

The Fastrax IT530M is a GNSS receiver module with the Mediatek MT3333 chip that supports all-in-One GNSS hybrid navigation. The receiver provides very fast TTFF together with weak signal acquisition and tracking capability to meet even the most stringent performance expectations in navigation with hybrid solution using signals from both GPS + Glonass GNSS systems. Future GNSS systems like Galileo or Beidou can be supported with future firmware upgrade in GPS + Galileo or GPS + Beidou modes.


  • Mixed mode GPS and Glonass navigation,
  • Clear sky cold start 23 seconds,
  • Navigation sensitivity:
    • tracking mode -165dBm,
    • reaquisition mode -160dBm,
    • cold start -148dBm,
  • Position accuracy 2.5m CEP,
  • Multipath detection and suppression,
  • 99 channel acquisition,
  • 33 channel tracking,
  • Update rate 1-10Hz,
  • Operating limits 18000m or 515m/s,
  • Fakra antenna connection.

Instant on:


When the system is switched off, the system controller will configure the GPS receiver to it's AlwaysLocateTM mode, which is an intelligent controller of the IT530M power saving mode. Depending on the environment and motion conditions, the module can adaptively adjust the navigation activity and fix rate based on measured velocity in order to achieve a balance in positioning accuracy, fix rate and power consumption. This way, the GPS receiver can maintain hot-start aquisition performance. In addition, the position updates can be used for logging or geofencing.


During power down state, the system controller can monitor the periodic updates and wake the system if the geofence is passed. This is not intended to replace a regular GPS based alarm system, but it can serve as a backup.