All systems come with a build-in GPS receiver. With a system intended for vehicle use, we believe this must be a standard feature.


  • Open sky cold start 29 seconds,
  • Signal detection better than -161dBm,
  • Reaquisition sensitivity -155dBm,
  • Position accuracy 2.5m CEP,
  • Multipath detection and suppression,
  • 51 channel acquisition,
  • 14 channel tracking,
  • SAW filter for 30dB out of band suppression,
  • Update rate 1-10Hz,
  • Operating limits 18000m or 515m/s,
  • Fakra antenna socket.

Instant on:

When the system is switched off, the system controller will activate the GPS receiver every 5 minutes. This way, the GPS receiver can maintain hot-start aquisition performance. In addition, the position updates can be used for logging or geofencing.


During power down state, the system controller can monitor the periodic updates and wake the system if the geofence is passed. This is not intended to replace a regular GPS based alarm system, but it can serve as a backup.