GSM modules:

Most of the applications of the UNIGO car computer involve some kind of cellular network access.

The PC can take a standard UMTS/HSDPA mini PCI express card or one of out proprietary Telit-based modules. This leaves the mini PCIe socket available for other uses, such as WiFi or XBee. The Telit modules have the additional benefit of having a more embedded-like roadmap, so the product stays the same for many years.

The simple GSM/GPRS module is suitable for applications that require only a small amount of data transfer. Typically this provides a link bandwidth of about 20 kbps, which usually is sufficient for general tracking & tracing.

Applications that require more bandwidth, for example involving imagery, video, real-time map transfer, can use the HSDPA module. This increases the bandwidth of the downlink up to 7.2 Mbps and the uplink to 384 kbps.

GSM module


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80-841-200GSM/GPRS module with antennaIn stock€ 126 ex VAT
80-842-200UMTS/HSDPA module with antennaIn stock€ 254 ex VAT