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Nederlands... Every car computer deserves a good quality screen to display detailed map information. And with the touchscreen you get rid of uncomfortable input devices such as the keyboard and the mouse, simply point with your finger and use an on-screen keyboard to enter text.

Various software applications exist for car computer systems. On the picture below, there is the MP3 player/jukebox from CarPC application suite from White Bream (under development). Various other applications are available from the Internet, some even for free. All these applications have in common that they are specifically designed for touchscreen use. This involves large scrollbars, large buttons and sometimes even embedded on-screen keyboards.

      7" Widescreen VGA,
      TFT Technonlogy,
      Native resolution: 800x480 pixels,
      Supported resolutions:
         640 x 480,
         800 x 600,
         1024 x 768 and more,
      USB Touchscreen,
      On-screen menu (OSD),
         1 x VGA,
         2 x Composite video (PAL/NTSC),
         1 x Audio,
      Dimensions (hwd): 121x187x35mm
      Power: 11 - 24V, 1A DC,
      Temperature: -5 to +60°C.

7" Widescreen VGA
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