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Most touchscreen manufacturers do also provide touchscreen controllers to be used with those screens. For low-volume applications however, it is often not very easy to get those controllers especially not for reasonable prices.
Therefore this unit is being designed. The single unit price must be affordable. Also an USB connection is required. Only 4-wire touchscreens are supported as most smaller touchscreens use this operating principle.

      4-wire resistive touchscreen,
      USB connection,
      RS232 TTL output for embedded applications,
      touch pressure measurement (optional),
      small design: 14 x 44 x 5 mm,

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touchscreen controller prototype

For OEM applications the controller functionality can be expanded with an analog input and I2C bus devices. Also the serial and USB port, power and touchscreen signals are available on through-hole connector footprints to facilitate embedding the board on other printed circuit boards.

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