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One very important item is still missing from almost each appearance of automotive computing. Especially in the field of car entertainment configurations, often the available head-unit is used only for the tuner facility and it's amplifiers.

The latter feature, the amplifier, is not a complicated item to get rid of as a large selection of automotive amplifiers can be found in any decent car-hifi shop.

This other feature, the tuner, is a lot harder to replace. Only very few computer based tuners are available and most of those don't offer the AM band reception nor do they offer RDS decoding. For a lot of people AM can still be important because quite a few radio stations are not eglible for an FM band frequency.

A good implementation of the Radio Data System (RDS) is even more favorable. Using the Traffic Announcement (TA) feature of RDS enables automatic interruption of the MP3 or CD/DVD player function of the computer and switch to traffic announcements when those are broadcast.

      FM Band: 87.5 - 108.0MHz,
      AM/MW Band: 531 - 1602kHz,
      AM/LW Band: 153 - 281kHz,
      Mono/stereo support,
      RDS Decoder,
      TMC Support (optional in software),
      USB Audio 10 - 48kHz,
      Line-out header "CD-ROM style" (optional),
      F antenna connector or
      Fakra-SMB antenna connector,
      USB B-type connector,
      Dimensions (hwd): 100x50x25mm,
      Power: USB 5V, 500mA,
      Temperature: -30 to +80 degrees.

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Project cancelled.
Computer systems CARGO, UNIGO and MERGO have similar tuner functionality integrated.