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This module integrates the Raspberry Pi 3 with a rugged power supply, various real-world inputs and outputs and a shutdown + watchdog circuit. All ready to use in a DIN-rail mounted enclosure with convenient T-Bus connection. It is ideally suited for industrial applications involving CANopen or DeviceNet.

DIN-rail Raspberry Pi


  • Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ (included with 69-109-30X)
  • 12-36V power supply 5V/4A
  • Active 'eFuse' + 2.5A traditional backup fuse
  • CAN-bus and RS232 interfaces, 36V ruggedized
  • 4 Analog inputs with 61.44V analog range
  • 4 Low-side protected outputs, IDC=1.2A, VDS=60V, RDS=500mΩ
  • Soft-power control and system watchdog
  • Real-time Clock (RTC) and battery backup 1Mbit SRAM
  • Bi-color LED indicators for power, watchdog and 8× general purpose, the latter controlled via an 16-bit I²C I/O expander
  • 2× Front panel buttons, one of which doubles as soft power on
  • 2× 10-way 3.81mm spring terminals block for GPIO
  • 5 terminal pins wired to internal 0.1″ headers
  • DIN rail enclosure 101x119.5mm, width 22.5mm
  • T-Bus power & CAN connection (DIN socket connector included)
  • ATEX enhanced safety 'ec' (IEC 60079-7) and increased safety 'nA' (IEC 60079-15)


The T-Bus system provides a neat and convenient method of connecting multiple DIN-rail mounted device to power and a CAN-bus data network. However, this is not mandatory since this Raspberry Pi module also has provisions for those signals on regular terminal blocks on the side of the enclosure.

The interface board contains an 8-channel 12-bit MAX11615 analog to digital converter from Maxim Integrated. This ADC is connected to the I²C bus and connects with the 4 inputs via 29:1 resistive dividers, giving about 60V full-scale input range. It is also connected to VIN, VDD (5V), VCC (3.3V) and input current monitor.

Other peripherals include an 1Mbit non-volatile SRAM connected to the SPI bus SPI0_CS1 and a real-time clock (RTC) connected to the I²C bus. Both devices receive backup power from an BR1225 lithium cell.

Power input is diode OR'ed from the T-bus connection and two regular power input terminal contacts. That power is then converted by a high efficiency 5V / 20W regulator to power the PI computer. Those 20W give plenty of margin for powering external USB peripherals. This power supply is managed by the remote control input line and by the watchdog circuit.

The HDMI port from the Raspberry is redirected to the side of the case.



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