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69-109-301 DIN-rail Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ module, complete with Pi & connectorsPreorder only€ 229 ex VAT
77-068-040 Ideal diode 40V 600AIn stock€ 65 ex VAT
77-068-055 Ideal diode 55V 550ASpec. order€ 80 ex VAT
77-068-075 Ideal diode 75V 480AIn stock€ 70 ex VAT
80-523-100 Automotive USB hub, fixed cable, HR socketsPreorder only€ 99 ex VAT
80-851-100 XBee® mini PCIexpress module & antennaIn stock€ 122 ex VAT
80-851-110 XBee® Pro SX (XBP9X-DMUS) mini PCIexpress module & SMA pigtailIn stock€ 250 ex VAT
80-851-300 XBee3® mini PCIexpress moduleIn stock€ 73 ex VAT
80-851-301 XBee3® RR mini PCIexpress modulePreorder only€ 73 ex VAT
80-921-202 IO Module kit fixed USB cable 70cmIn stock€ 110 ex VAT
80-942-203 12-way 5-Pin distribution boxIn stock€ 120 ex VAT
80-942-231 CAN-bus repeater & isolator (IS/IS)In stock€ 195 ex VAT
80-942-303 12-way 5-Pin distribution box ATEXPreorder only€ 150 ex VAT
80-942-331 CAN-bus repeater & isolator (IS/IS/ST)Preorder only€ 275 ex VAT
80-942-335 6-way 5-Pin distribution box ATEXIn stock€ 105 ex VAT
80-942-441 Quad SPDT Relay modulePreorder only€ 295 ex VAT
80-942-531 CAN-bus repeater rugged (OEM)Preorder only€ 219 ex VAT
80-942-532 CAN-bus repeater rugged (GRP)Preorder only€ 279 ex VAT
80-942-533 CAN-bus repeater rugged (ATEX)Preorder only€ 299 ex VAT
80-942-905 5-Pin male M12 CAN connector (installed)In stock€ 19 ex VAT
80-942-906 5-Pin female M12 CAN connector (installed)In stock€ 19 ex VAT
80-942-908 8-Pin female M12 signal connector (installed)In stock€ 35 ex VAT
80-942-917 DIN-rail T-bus connector 17.5mm (10pcs)In stock€ 50 ex VAT
80-942-922 DIN-rail T-bus connector 22.5mm (10pcs)In stock€ 50 ex VAT
80-942-935 5-Pin male M12 plugIn stock€ 6 ex VAT
80-942-936 5-Pin female M12 plugIn stock€ 6 ex VAT
80-942-941 5-Pin female M12 cable 2 meterIn stock€ 11 ex VAT
80-942-942 5-Pin female M12 cable 5 meterIn stock€ 15 ex VAT
80-942-943 5-Pin female M12 cable 10 meterIn stock€ 22 ex VAT
80-942-950 Heatshrink shield-to-wire termination 20AWG ∅7.6mmIn stock€ 5 ex VAT
80-942-951 4-Core shielded 0.22mm² CAN-bus cable violet, per meterIn stock€ 3 ex VAT
80-942-952 4-Core shielded 0.34mm² CAN-bus cable violet, per meterIn stock€ 4 ex VAT
80-942-953 4-Core shielded 0.5mm² CAN-bus cable violet, per meterIn stock€ 6 ex VAT
80-943-101 Ambient sensor 'Breeze' pigtail 3mPreorder only€ 95 ex VAT
80-943-201 Ambient sensor 'Breeze' RJ10 10mPreorder only€ 95 ex VAT


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