All systems are based on the same mainboard and processor module. Therefore they share most of the specifications.

Global Positioning System:

The car computers feature an integrated Skytraq Venus 634 GPS receiver with increased out of band signal rejection and a very high update rate of 10 positions per second.

System Cooling:

A little backgrounder on our fans and why ´fanless´ is not such a good idea persť...

Power Supply:

A key component of any computer for automotive usage is the power supply. Our power supply is fully integrated with the rest of the system and employs a high performance Cortex M3 processor to handle events and communication.

All-in-one DVI connection:

What´s behind this appearently standard DVI connection on the back of the computer system? This connection that allows to connect a touchsreen monitor with just a single cable...

Processor technology:

By using industry standard XTX or Q-Seven processor modules, we can stay up to date without having to do major redesigns.

System interfacing:

Very important for a serious car computer is communication beyond the usual USB and RS232. The White Bream computers have intergrated CAN and LIN, and multiple in- and output connections for typical automotive signals.

OEM and custom systems:

The standard systems are quite flexible, but sometimes this is not enough. In those cases, we can design custom addons to extend the functionality of the system. Other applications call for a custom branded system. We can arrange for custom color, prints and labeling very easily.