Most systems used in law enforcement need to be connected to the secure Tetra network to facilitate exchange of sensitive information. Often this is done with a separate data terminal. By integrating Motorola's TOM100 OEM Tetra modem in the computer system, much space and cable hassle can be saved.


Motorola TOM100 embedded Tetra module
  • Frequency bands 390-400MHz, 410-430MHz,
  • Channel spacing 25kHz,
  • Transmitter power 1W (Class 4),
  • SMA antanna socket,
  • Short data service (SDS) TETRA Short Data Services,
  • Packet data (PD) Single Slot and Multi Slot supported,
  • Air interface encryption algorithms TEA1, TEA2, TEA3,
  • Authentication Infrastructure Initiated and made mutual by terminal,
  • Air interface encryption security classes Class 1 (Clear), Class 2 (SCK), Class 3 (DCK/CCK).


To install the Tetra module, the Compact Flash socket must be removed and a special carrier board installed onto the mainboard. Therefore this feature can only be installed at the factory. Also, the module uses the 6th serial port for communication. This means the system must have the quad UART controller. Furthermore, the configuration with a second mini PCI-express instead of proprietary GSM/GPRS cannot be combined with Tetra.

mainboard for tetra special carrier board