The UNIGO computer system already has some I/O capabilities beyond the standard PC interfaces. This includes various inputs, some 12V outputs and ground contacts. However, sometimes this are not enough to connect the system with the intended application. Initially an OEM customer request, the design was changed to a more general purpose design to suit a variety of commonly used automotive signals.

Additionally, being a standard USB device, this I/O module can also be used in conjunction with any other PC. The ideal solution to bring automotive signals into a standard (MiniITX) PC system. With the USB wakeup feature, this can even be used to wake the system automatically when a designated input changes.

     UNICON I/O Module


  • 4 signal groups on 8-way removable 3.5mm screw terminals,
  • 4x highside output 0.4A/36V with analog feedback,
  • 4x lowside output 1.2A/36V with digital feedback,
  • 8x ground referenced digital input,
  • 4x analog input 0-36V,
  • 4x frequency input 0-10kHz + analog 0-5.5V,
  • 32-bit accumulating counters on frequency inputs,
  • Case 125x50x25mm with mounting flanges,
  • Command line utility for signal control,
  • DLL and demo application for device programming.


Additional in- and outputs for UNIGO computer system. Many utility vehciles provide a lot of sensor information, such as safety switches that indicate safe driving conditions. By connecting these to the computer system, safety can be monitored in addition to the enforcement already in place.

Signalling box for automated test setup for mechanical and electrical endurance tests. The ouputs control test behavior, for example with power relay, or with small DC motors. The inputs can monitor various test results, such as test cycle count, end switches, sensor output, etc.

Demo application for I/O Module
     Demo application for I/O Module.


To aid in development of applications that use this I/O Module, we have a small signal tool available. This tool connects to one of the four ports of the I/O Module and provides internal battery, adjustable voltage, adjustable frequency, two switches and LED indicators for the output signals. The development kit includes one tool and one UNICON I/O Module.

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