What about a small car/board computer, the size of a lunchbox and featuring some commonly used peripherals in automotive computing? Such as integrated GPS with TMC receiver and power controller? Sounds good? Then read on, because this one got it, and even more!

Navigon NavigatoR 2.0 with TMC
    Integrated TMC with Navigon NavigatoR 2.0



AMD Fusion

Unigo with touchscreen and u-Center
    Unigo with 7" touchscreen running GPS monitor.


Computer for trucks to realize navigation, delivery route planning, realtime track and trace and cargomanagement systems. Connect impact printer and barcode scanner on serial or USB ports for administrative functions.

24V Industrial system controller with ethernet and RS485 ports.

Mobile DC powered data aquisition station with custom sensor connections featuring position guarding and GPRS data uplink.


  • Police Vehicles
  • Municipal Garbage Collection
  • Busses
  • ...

Front panel and rear panel configurations:

Front view of Unigo mobile computer
only 108mm wide!

Rear views of Unigo mobile computer

Basic/standard rear connections:

  • All-in-one DVI Connector:
    • VGA signals,
    • DVI signals (optional), or
    • Secondary VGA signals (optional),
    • Monitor power (12V 1.5A max),
    • USB for touchscreen,
    • Sound.
  • GNSS Antenna (3.3V),
  • Cellular antenna on SMA (optional),
  • Tetra UHF antenna on SMA (optional),
  • Wireless LAN antenna on RPSMA (optional),
  • Zigbee antenna on RPSMA (optional).
  • CAN Connector:
    • CAN-bus,
    • Auxiliary power output.
  • Power Connector:
    • 9-33VDC (Vmax 50V, Vpk 75V, fuse 10AF),
    • Remote input [typically ignition],
    • Light/voltage input [for dimming],
    • Brake input [for video blocking],
    • Tacho/speed input [for dynamic volume],
    • Reverse in/output [for rearview or mute],
    • Mute in/output [for rearview or mute],
    • CAN-bus, LIN-bus,
    • Slave or auxiliary output [for amplifiers],
    • Power antenna or auxiliary output,
    • Auxiliary power output.
  • (all the I/O signals are mapped on 10 connector pins,
    therefore they are not all available simultaneously!)

Networked I/O board:

  • 4 x USB2.0,
  • 10/100 Ethernet,
  • RS232A/RS485 + 12V*,
  • RS232C + 5/12V*.

Quad serial I/O board:

  • 2 x USB2.0,
  • 10/100 Ethernet,
  • 2 x RS232A/RS485 + 12V*,
  • RS232C + 5/12V*.

* 12V outputs are actually mains battery voltage

More information:

Please take a look at the documentation that is available on the download page for more detailed information on this system.

Customized solutions:

Are you are looking for a mobile computer system for your industrial or logistics automation requirements? Then please feel free to tell us your requirements. Depending on these requirements and volume, we can realise your perfect custom solution. More information on customization of this system. Custom printing and colors are also possible for OEM applications.

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