This self powered 4-port USB hub has a power supply that is suitable for 12V and 24V automotive use. To conserve battery power this power supply is disabled when the USB hub is suspended by the host. High retention USB sockets reduce the chance of plugs being pulled or vibrating loose. The housing has flanges to accomodate easy fixed install in vehicles or industrial systems.

The hub is powered from a 6.5 to 36VDC power source, so you can safely connect this to the vehicles battery system.


When the USB connection to the hub is severed, or the host system goes to suspend mode, the internal power regulator of the HUB is turned off to save the car battery. During suspend mode, any power for wake-up devices comes only and directly from the host computer.

The USB hub provides an auxilliary power ouput that is switched simultaneously with the suspend function of the hub. This allows for powering power-hungry devices when the PC system is on. For example a (label)printer.

The hub has an PSU suspend override input. This input keeps the internal PSU active when the hub controller has switched to suspend mode. This can be useful for keeping devices powered for a little while after the PC shutdown. Perhaps because they need their own shutdown procedure such as many subscription wireless radio's do (hardware for common technology such as GPRS and HSDPA is very tolerant, but other systems like Tetra really want their shutdown period).

Automotive USB hub prototyping


  • 4 x USB2.0 high-retention sockets,
  • Attached 80cm USB-A cable to host PC,
  • Multiple TT for maximum throughput when using USB1.1 devices,
  • Axilliary switched power output (equals Hub suspend and override function),
  • Override input enables delayed power down of 5V/2A regulator,
  • Power supply 5V 2A, efficiency 85-90%,
  • VBATT-IN 6.5V-36V ISO7637,
  • VBATT-IN(PK) 45V,
  • IBATT-IN(SUSPEND) 7µA(typ), 20µA(max),
  • IBATT-IN(IDLE) 0.9mA(typ), 2.1mA(max),
  • Auxilliary out 1.8A current limited,
  • Force-on input voltage 2-60V,
  • Force-on input impedance 50kOhms,
  • 4-way 3.5mm detachable screw terminals for power,
  • Dimensions 85x57x27mm, flange area 110x57mm,
  • Flanges for secure mounting.

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