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This vibration measurement node provides a powerfull solution to monitor vibration and harmonics of machines and other mechanical constructions. The wide bandwidth acceleration sensor can measure signals up to ~20kHz. Pattern recognition algorithms detect changes in vibrations, particularly in the behaviour of harmonics and can generate alerts and periodic reports.

Vibration sensor CAN-bus node


  • Sample rate 72.9kSPS
  • Various filtering options
  • Detection of changing vibration harmonics
  • Bus ID assigned via serial number
  • Configuration & firmware update via gateway device
  • Possibility for custom firmware with specific signal processing functions


  • Tri-axial vibration sensing ±70g range
  • Wide bandwidth ≥14kHz
  • Enclosure galvanically isolated from CAN-bus
  • Operating voltage 9-38VDC, <1W
  • 5-Pin spring-contact termination for CAN, power and shield
  • Ground and shield individually terminated to enclosure/earth via 1nF class Y1 safety capacitors
  • Aluminium IP67 enclosure 64x58mm, height 35mm
  • Integrated mounting flanges (94mm wide), optionally without flanges
  • M16 brass cable gland entry in side
  • Optional with 5-pole industrial M12 plug connection



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