Mini PCI express:

The Intel two-in-one WiFi + Bluetooth module provides easy implementation of both technologies with just one antenna. This module is only available in half size form factor, so it is supplied with a conversion bracket. Also RP-SMA pigtail (15cm) and a window mounted 2.4GHz antenna are included.
Intel 6235AN

USB Module:

Older systems (pre-2011) do not have a mini-PCI express socket. For these systems we can supply wireless module that plug into the internal USB socket on the bottom of the mainboard. These modules are WiFi-only. Bluetooth only is also possible. Pricing and availability on request.
Wireless LAN module

Wireless connectivity by Intel


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49-301-101Wireless LAN module with antennaObsoleten/a
49-301-201Intel 6235AN Wireless LAN + Bluetooth module with antennaObsoleten/a