Connect with XBee® enabled peripherals using this mini PCI express XBee module. The module comes with a RP-SMA pigtail antenna cable and a tiny stub antenna. If used inside regular PCs or laptops, one of their pre-installed Wifi antennas can be abused as the Zigbee antenna.

The mini PCIe card has an "XBee® ZB SMT" module (P/N XB24CZ7UIS) installed with an FTDI USB to serial converter IC to connect with the PC. By using a special production technique, the module is only 3mm thick, so it fits in all full-size mini PCI express slots.

Xbee mini PCI express module (prototype without the U.FL connector)


By the end of 2022, we came accross a project that required Zigbee 3.0. Also, the classic S2C was getting more and more difficult and costly to acquire. So we incorporated a new design based on the newer XBee3 module. An extra benefit is that it's protocol set is defined by firmware. So although the module ships as a Zigbee module, it can be reprogrammed to 802.15.4 or Digi's proprietary Digimesh protocol.


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80-851-300XBee3® mini PCIexpress moduleIn stock€ 73 ex VAT
80-851-301XBee3® RR mini PCIexpress modulePreorder only€ 73 ex VAT
80-851-100XBee® mini PCIexpress module & antennaIn stock€ 122 ex VAT
80-851-110XBee® Pro SX (XBP9X-DMUS) mini PCIexpress module & SMA pigtailIn stock€ 250 ex VAT
80-851-201XBee® mini PCIexpress module & antenna and one Digi XBIB-U-SS evaluation module with XBP24CZ7PISObsoleten/a